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August 9, 2016
Marriott Rewards Program - Silver Elite Upgrade

For University of California employees not currently enrolled in the Marriott Rewards Program, Marriott has created a direct and customized link to enroll in the Marriott Rewards program.

Effective now through December 31, 2016, Marriott is extending a Silver Elite Upgrade for all new Marriott Rewards members with the University of California that enroll using this link.

Exciting Benefits of Silver Elite include:

* Priority room selection and late check-out privileges
* Exclusive Elite-only rewards
* A 20% bonus on Marriott Rewards Points earned for stays
* Weekend discounts, gift shop savings and more!
Additionally, all mobile service technology, including mobile check-in, checkout and soon to come, mobile key are all linked to Marriott Rewards, so it is important for travelers to be a Marriott Rewards member to enjoy staying productive from their smart phones.

Include a hotel when making air reservations or book the hotel separately using the Connexxus agency Book Now link and selecting the hotel tab. Rates are automatically loaded with Connexxus agency booking tools.

July 6, 2016
The Central Travel Office works closely with all our preferred suppliers to provide added benefits for UC travelers whenever possible, such as the following with JetBlue:
All travelers interested in upgrading to Mosaic status with JetBlue can now do so through October 31, 2016 by filling out this form.
Benefits of Mosaic status include: 
·         Any/ALL change fees waived for any booked ticket;
·         Priority boarding and security;
·         Ability to use points for any seat on any JetBlue operated flight;
·         Two complimentary checked bags;
·         Free spirits onboard;
·         No blackout dates;
·         TrueBlue points that never expire – EVER
Please allow up to 4 weeks for confirmation of upgrade from JetBlue.

About JetBlue:
·         FREE satellite based Wi-Fi for everyone (fastest Wi-Fi in the sky)
·         Outlets at every seat between JFKSFO and JFKLAX
·         More legroom than any domestic U.S. coach (34” legroom)
·         All seats have individual TVs with FREE DIRECTV® and XM Radio®
·         Flights never oversold
·         FREE unlimited, brand name snacks and full can of soda and water
·         Awarded highest honors in airline customer satisfaction for the 12th year in a row by J.D. Power and Associates

June 3, 2016
We are nearing the end of this current Fiscal Year. Other than reminding everyone to get their reports in on time (June 30th is the cut-off), we wanted to address a few common issues we've seen lately with travel and entertainment reports. For most of the items below, additional documentation may be required to approve the expense reports. It is best to provide documentation that can be clearly understood by someone outside of your own department or college. That means avoiding acronyms or references to projects or initiatives that outside groups may not be aware of.

Spousal Travel and Entertainment
For both travel and entertainment expenses, it can be appropriate to include spousal expenses - but only if "the expenditure serves a bona fide University business purpose." Documentation that explains how the spouse travel or entertainment served a UC business purpose is required to attain reimbursement. Per our Entertainment policy, official functions to which spouses or domestic partners are invited as a matter of protocol or tradition may be considered as bona fide business-related activities. Ceremonial functions, fundraising events, alumni gatherings, community, and recruiting events are examples of activities at which the presence of a spouse or domestic partner may contribute to the mission of the University.

Entertainment Meal Limits
Per person meal limits increased slightly this last calendar year to: Breakfast ($27), Lunch ($47), Dinner ($81), and Light Refreshments ($19). Anytime the meal limits are exceeded, you must provide adequate justification in the report comments to support an exception to the policy limits. This justification cannot simply be that the cost of the meal exceeded the limits. We are also aware that there are at least two restaurants in Davis that are more expensive and may result in limits being exceeded. UC staff and faculty are expected to be good stewards of our resources, so we recommend taking this into account when planning events. Without sufficient justification, overages may be the responsibility of the host. Per our Entertainment policy, the maximum per-person expenditures include the cost of the food and beverages, labor, sales tax, delivery charges, and other service fees. If a reception before a meal includes beverages and hors d'oeuvres, the combined charges for the reception and the meal should be treated as a single event for purposes of calculating per-person costs.

Package Deals for Hotel and Airfare
While these appear at face value to be less costly to the UC, they are not allowed by our travel policy, G-28. These include deals through Expedia, Orbitz, Southwest Vacations, etc. It is expected that all employees who travel on behalf of the UC, including staff, faculty, and graduate students, are informed of our travel policies. Purchases of package deals, without the ability to provide an itemized receipt of hotel and airfare, may not be reimbursed to the traveler. Please be sure to educate new travelers in your department before they make a potentially expensive mistake.

Morale Events
The UC supports funding employee morale-related events, but the events must be in compliance with our entertainment policy, BUS-79. Staff picnics, new employee welcome parties, and holiday gatherings are examples of group events that are appropriate. Honoring a specific employee is also appropriate for retirement parties and recognition events only, such as STAR award or Spot award ceremonies. Parties to celebrate years of service anniversaries, birthdays, or other personal events are not permitted for reimbursement. In these cases, the attendees are welcome to self-fund events, but they should not submit for reimbursement from the UC. And as usual, all morale-related events must include comments that clearly explain how the event served a University business purpose.

Travel Help Desk
Questions? Please contact us at or use our online Help Form

April 21, 2016
The Central Travel Office works closely with all our preferred suppliers to provide added benefits for UC travelers whenever possible, such as the following with Delta Airlines and Cathay Pacific:

Delta Airlines: Priority Boarding and Access to Preferred Seating
Delta SkyMiles members who book their Delta tickets within the Connexxus program will now have Zone 1 boarding privileges and access to preferred seating. Travelers must have their Delta SkyMiles number in the reservation (save it in your Connexxus profile <> today) to get this benefit.

Please note: access to preferred seats will not apply to Basic Economy tickets (these fares do not allow seat selection, boarding options, or any changes).

Cathay Pacific: Marco Polo Club Fee Waived
Cathay Pacific has agreed to waive the $100 fee to join their Marco Polo Club <> for all UC travelers, who can achieve Silver Status in the frequent flyer program.
The main benefit of this elevated status is that those flying Economy will gain access to the business class lounges while traveling on Cathay. Other benefits include 10kg of extra baggage allowance and extra legroom reservations. Travelers must fill out THIS (.doc) personalized nomination form and follow the instructions within for this one-time offer and membership is subject to Cathay Pacific rules <>.

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