Functional Areas

Academic Personnel

This is just a reminder that we must be diligent in notifying the students of their ASE appointments, (Teaching Assistant, Associate-In, Reader, and Tutor), as soon as the hiring decisions are made by the Dept or teaching committee.

Notification must be NO less than thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the term the student will be working. The information includes their appointment letter, a description of required duties, the faculty member or supervisor to whom the individual will report; the location where the work will be performed if known; the class assigned if applicable; description of the required duties; departmental policy on class, section and/or lab size where it exists; and it may include estimated time for effective completion of each duty.

Also, when our cycle starts for hiring academic students for the year, please remind those in charge of changing TA/class responsibilities that if the commitment letters have gone out, NO changes can occur until after the student receives an official written notification of the changes.

The UAW (University Association of Graduate Student Employees-United Auto Workers 2865 ) are starting to closely monitor this process. To review complete contract go to: