Resource Calendar

Use the Resource Calendar to schedule cluster and department meeting rooms, presentation laptops, projectors, and more! You must have a valid Kerberos login ID to access the reservation system.

Online Monthly Leave

For department faculty and post docs, the automated Online Monthly Leave form allows you to report your time off for departmental approval. You can also review your time-off history.

Voting Application

Many department actions that require a faculty vote use the online Voting System. Merit and promotion ballots as well as various position hiring actions are handled in a secure and confidential environment. Fully automated, the Voting System send reminders to members who haven't voted and generates full reports of ballot results.

Video Theater

From recruitment and exit seminars to classrom and special event recording, the Video Theater provides a venue to show video recordings relevant to the mission of the BFTV Cluster. Videos can be grouped for limited access by committee or department, or videos can be viewed by the general public.

Emergency Contact Information

Every cluster employee should have their emergency contact information on file with the cluster administration. The Emergency Contact Information application accepts your information and sends you a reminder if you haven't updated for over a year.

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